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Scott Spark RC World Cup EVO TR

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The Spark RC World Cup EVO is the perfect mix of best carbon engineering, integration levels never seen before and the right amount of secrecy.




The Spark RC World Cup EVO is the perfect mix of best carbon engineering, integration levels never seen before and the right amount of secrecy.
Scott wanted to make this platform as fast as ever uphill and downhill. By increasing the excursion, perfecting geometry and applying feedback from the best athletes in the world, he created the best cross country racing bike. If you think speed is fun, then you will love this bike.

Note that bike specifications are subject to change without notice



With the appropriate selection of materials, 80% of the work to create a frame is already done. it is the remaining 20%, which requires most of our efforts. Our choice to use the most advanced carbon fibers is followed by intensive use of specific tools, such as the FEA software (Finite Element Analysis, Finished Element Analysis), which allows you to map the positioning of the sheets.

With FEA software we can simulate different forces on a virtual model of the frame and adapt its structure accordingly. The software allows us to create complete virtual prototypes that incorporate all the physical phenomena present in the real world.

With our Evo‐Lap technology, we model the frame to optimize the surface area, simultaneous tube structures with layers oriented differently, we observe the result of using different configurations and we test stress distribution in various areas of the frame. Thanks to this in-depth computer model, we optimized carbon layers in all components of our frame. When the parts were joined in the first prototypes, the result was a super lightweight and compact frame that does not sacrifice rigidity, comfort or impact resistance. The entire range benefited from our Evo‐Lap technology.

With the new Spark, you can adjust the steering angle of 0.6 ° so that it is more relaxed or more aggressive. This can be done without cutting cables or having to drain the brakes. You just need to disassemble the handlebar, rotate the 180° steering wheel caps and reassemble them.

Access to the shock absorber through the central movement area is easier thanks to a door. This makes it easy to adjust the extension, compression, shock pressure and install or replace the cable of our TwinLoc suspension system.

An integrated shock absorber system allows us to finish the suspension characteristics without sacrificing weight. Often, when it comes to bikes of this level, the concept of marginal gains becomes important.
For the optimal performance of a shock absorber, the power transfer must be as direct as possible. What we want to avoid is all inefficient directional movements: in other words, the side movements (not parallel to the direction of the race) while the shock absorber goes in compression.
Having an integrated shock absorber allows us to improve this in a variety of ways. First of all, the frame design around the shock absorber area and with the trunnion support can be much more rigid, reducing movements and offering a more efficient power transfer. We can also mount much larger bearings in the core of the pipe, further strengthening this area and reducing unnecessary movements. Our integrated suspension technology also helps us to design frames with a lower shock position that lowers the baricentre. As a result, the bike has a better handling and a more stable guide that transmits confidence to the end user.
Although these may seem to be minor improvements, the sum of the results of their parts produces better shock efficiency. In addition, the shock absorber is totally protected from any external element. Race in the rain? No problem, the shock absorber will continue to work at best anyway.

The rear pin tool has been on our bikes for years and is now better than ever. It has 6 mm T25, T30, all in one tool. With these three keys you can adjust all the lightning and almost everything on the bike.

A full suspension bike will never succeed without...a good suspension design. Since the first time we tried Spark's single-core layout, we fell in love. Years later, we still believe that for cross-country technical competitions and fast and difficult single track is the best approach. The layout of Spark's suspension has a very specific and proven cinematic and a non-sustained mass less. The use of a flexible fulcrum on the back seals is an ideal solution for bikes with this excursion. It allows us to maintain a very light system while ensuring optimal suspension performance.

The New Spark has included the brand new integrated cockpit Syncros Fraser iC. The integration of the cables had various problems, in fact the Fraser was designed also to solve them. SYNCROS designers have worked on the shape to allow the cables to pass under the handlebar and around the sides of the attack before disappearing in the steering series, with plastic integrated parts to keep the look clean and ensure efficiency. This prevents any creases or curves in the cables and offers a minimalist look. All our cockpits are equipped with multiple media options for computer, lights and action camera, both above and below the handlebar.

NUDE shock absorbers have been used on SCOTT bikes Full suspension for almost two decades. Working closely with our suspension partners, we continue to improve this technology to always give you the best possible support, that you are competing in the World Cup at the highest levels, or that you are riding around for a nice day in the mountains. Click here to learn more (LINK TO NEW TECHNOLOGY - next)

With TwinLoc a cyclist can effectively control the whole frame, fork and shock absorber as a single element. Why does that matter? A bike with 150 mm suspension hike, correctly set, has more sag than one with 130 mm. It is the additional excursion to make it more fun to drive and more skillful on the descents, but the greater sag has a negative effect on the geometry of the bike and on the uphill performance. This is where TwinLoc comes into play.

TwinLoc helps manage the sag effect in a variety of ways. Most systems do nothing but increase compression at low speed, in the effort to gain pedal efficiency. The TwinLoc instead not only allows us to change the damping of the compression, but also to change the progression curve of the spring, dynamically altering the geometry of the bike. In Trail mode, the shock absorber is not only harder, but also dynamically less running. The bike stays higher, keeps a more vertical saddle angle for the climbs and becomes more agile. We also offer a third mode, in integral lockout, to be able to climb as efficiently as possible.

These unique settings optimize the climb geometry even in the bikes with the widest excursions. We can eliminate “the great excursion effect”, which removes efficiency to your pedal, but without taking away all the fun of the 150 mm hike, when you descend. From a race setting, to a short break, to a trail after work: having the opportunity to change from mode to mode depending on the path faced with a simple lever is a guarantee of speed, performance and unbridled fun.



Spark RC Carbon HMX
Integrated Suspension Technology
Flex Pivot / Adjustable head angle
Syncros Cable Integration System
BB92 / UDH Interface / 12x148mm with 55mm Chainline

RockShox SID Ultimate RD3 Air
Custom Race Day Charger 3-Mode Damper
15x110mm Maxle Stealth / 44mm offset /Tapered steererer
Lockout / Reb. Adj. / 120mm travel

Rear shock absorber
RockShox NEW 5 RLC3 Trunnion
SCOTT custom w. travel / geo adj.
3 modes: Lockout-Traction Control-Descend
Low Speed Ad.j / Debon Air / Reb. Adj./ Travel 120-80-Lockout / T165X45mm

remote control
SCOTT TwinLoc 2 Technology
Suspension & Dropper Remote
3 Suspension modes

Rear derailleur
SRAM XX SL Eagle AXS Transmission 12 Speed
Wireless Electronic Shift System

Exchange levers
SRAM Eagle AXS Rocker Controller

SRAM XX Eagle Transmission
Carbon crankarm
DUB / 55mm CL / 32T

Central movement
SRAM DUB PF 92 MTB Wide / shell 41x92mm

SRAM CN XX SL Eagle Transmission

SRAM XX SL Eagle XS 1299 Transmission 10-52

Shimano XTR M9100 Disc

Brake disc
Shimano RT-MT900 CL / 180/F and 160/R

Syncros Fraser iC SL XC Carbon
-12° laugh / back sweep 8° / 740mm
Syncros Performance XC lock-on grips

FOX Transfer SL Performance Elite Dropper Post
31.6mm / S size 75mm / M
L & XL size 100mm

Syncros Belcarra 1.0 Regular 1.0
Carbon rails

Steering range
Syncros - Acros Angle adjusting & Cable Routing HS System
Stainless steel
+-0.6° head angle adjustment
ZS56/28.6 – ZS56/40 MTB

Syncros Silverton 1.0S-30 CL
F: 15x110mm
R: 12x148mm
30mm Tubeless ready Carbon rim 28H
DT Swiss 240 Ratchet EXP 36 / XD Driver
SRAM TyreWiz/ Syncros SL Axle w/Removable Lever
with 6mm Allen
T30 and T25 Tools

Front rubber
Maxxis Rekon Race / 29x2.4" / 120TPI Foldable Bead
Tubeless Ready / EXO

Rear rubber
Maxxis Rekon Race / 29x2.4" / 120TPI Foldable Bead
Tubeless Ready / EXO

Syncros Eco Sealant
Transport Axle

Weight in kg (approx. )
10.4 (Tubeless setup)

Weight in lbs (approx. )
22.93 (Tubeless setup)

Total weight
Total weight includes bike, cyclist, equipment, and potentially additional luggage



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