There are times in life that we would like to abandon all our electronic equipment, climb up to our bike and experience all the emotion of absolute freedom, disconnecting the plug from the world and diving into pure emotion. Feeling our body that is expressed, perceiving it alive and stirring, and also extinguishing the mind, focusing it entirely on the experience and all the beauty that offers you the trait that you walk through.
If even for you bike means pure pleasure, without filters, from the road straight to the center of your heart, then we of Cyclista have the right solution for you not only in fact of bikes, but also of electronics.
Cycle computers, smartwatches and accessories to enrich your experience without distorting it, because technology is not a limit, an obstacle, but an extra opportunity for pedals.

Plan, monitor, serve as you prefer the technology we offer. Effective, evolved, intuitive, and always and only at your service!

Cyclecomputers and smartwatch that you will need along the way, will monitor your performance, will help you in every circumstance but not only: even home trainers for indoor training, and workout rollers to make your bike a home training tool when you can't go back on the road again.

Choose to support your business with our offer of indoor cycling and training, improve your performance with us!

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