Are you already an asphalt divorcer or are you going to test for the first time? Take the bike with you even on holiday, study new routes every day or look exterminate all those cyclists who, at every hour, see rub under your house or climb, back after bend, to the conquest of a summit? Whatever your level, whatever age (and weight) you have is always the perfect time to accept the challenge and return on the road. On this page you will find the ideal solution for all your needs. We will accompany you, even in the smallest detail, preparing you for your next venture!

Each of our proposals will satisfy your needs, and we will make each exit a successful experience together with you!

Pedal between the pages of the category “Strada” to access a choice of bicycles, spare parts, components and accessories wide and treated in the smallest detail. You just need a simple click and your bike will be ready to lead you to a thousand exciting daily challenges. We select only the best brands thanks to twenty years of high-level experience, and we will also propose the right combinations between the items, so that your bike is perfect in every aspect. To always be a wheel in front of everyone and give an extra march to your desire to overcome yourself.

With us Cyclista you will cycle in looseness on each path.

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