Have you already chosen your bike? Did you equip it the best way? You also have the right accessories, electronic and not, to make your experiences safe, comfortable, comfy?
All right, let's think about you!
Literally from head to toe, Cyclist thinks for you!
Helmets, caps, glasses, neck warmer, and then down to socks and shoe covers, all to make your clothing a second skin, isolate you from the environmental conditions in the best way and satisfy your taste for a look that gives a wheel to everyone.

Innovative materials, obtained according to 100% ecological procedures, for a comfortable, cool, insulating and breathable clothing, selected by the best international brands and continuously updated with ever new collections.

Not only your second skin, not only the beauty and quality of our garments, but also the protections for your adventures in Mountain Bike, helmets for every discipline, backpacks for your excursions and adventures in cycling, with an eye particularly attentive to women, to its needs in terms of comfort, quality of products, beauty of the garments.

Threads, comfortable, protected, free to express yourself in all your energy! Everyone will look at you (if you decide to slow down)!

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