Cyclist has always wondered how to bring the idea of open-ear listening to an ever-increasing level, to give each cyclist the incomparable feeling of maximum control and maximum elasticity of use without sacrificing, even a half-pedal, to adjust the headset, to skip something and all the small wheels and every imaginable minimal inconvenience.

In order to succeed in our intent, we decided to aim a lot in high..., indeed no, we decided to point a lot... deep. What happened to it is a real “tuffo” in the most absolute avant-garde in the matter of open-ear headphones, and this thanks to a line of headphones designed initially for swimming, with submersible, waterproof headphones, that support the human anatomy in every movement and in every condition, and that precisely for this very great flexibility they lend themselves to other infinite uses, first among which running and obviously cycling.

It’s nice to make a “full immersion” in other fields in order to enrich your sector, don’t you find? We find.

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