" Along the road that day I had like a vision, and as I felt the wheels turning and the wind impacting my face I understood that in the saddle I enter a dimension all my own, where each pedal stroke generates new ideas. "

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We are a young, dynamic and passionate team: experienced mechanics, real cyclists, explorers of new trends, who gave birth to, a shop in which you can reflect yourself, offering everything for the bike world, whatever your specialty is. has been rooted in the tradition and culture of two wheels for more than twenty years, an area where bikes mean passion, history and adventure, but also technology, avant-garde, continuous innovation.

Soul green, we strongly believe in recycling materials and packaging to protect your package without unnecessarily harming the environment. We are an active and friendly community that does not underestimate the value of a human relationship, and therefore you can write or call us whenever and however you want, and there will be very few times when instead of one of us you will find an auto-responder.

That's because we are Cyclista, just like you, and sooner or later you will find us on your favorite road or trails!
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