There are many ways to effectively use the continuous advances of technology, but the smartest and most fun absolute is what allows you to cycle without excessive fatigue even in the most difficult, disconnected routes, and to be where otherwise you would not have managed to arrive without first long and tiring workouts.
The e-bike world is a constantly evolving world, which allows you to fill ever longer journeys, increasingly difficult routes, with weights that go away reducing more and more, for a pleasant, flexible and satisfying experience.
Today, an e-bike can take you everywhere, no matter your age, your level of training and the way to go, and this is a fundamental achievement in the world of the two wheels.

We at Cyclista follow with great passion the world of e-bikes and love to be always updated to offer you the latest news, the most cutting-edge bikes, accessories and spare parts to constantly improve your experience.

Make all your cycling experience “electrical” with us!

Cyclist believes in technology as a tool to improve life, and is constantly active in studying the best solutions to make your e-bike the universal tool for your riding experience. No matter what declination, if Urban, MTB, Gravel, each Cyclist e-bike is studied in the smallest detail, proposed with the utmost certainty of its qualities and its thousand details that differentiate it from the mass of the other proposals. Every component you have is already installed on our e-bikes, on those of our closest friends, of the many customers who come safely here from us.

If you want to ride everywhere, give you unforgettable emotions effortlessly, the e-bike universe is your case. All the freedom of technology, all the emotion of the bike!

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