Cycling is really great. For us, simply the passion of a life. But the right equipment is that detail, often mistakenly neglected, which makes the difference in every situation, at every exit, for each route. The right accessories for your safety, for your travels, to bring with you everything you need, not to come across any unexpected or to face it with maximum safety. Everything, from a puncture to the right luggage, can turn your bike into the perfect vehicle for your passions, from a beautiful night pedal to a long and adventurous journey to the head of the world.

You only think about enjoying the experience: we think about everything else!

Cyclist has everything you need for your most extreme businesses: safety, repairs, bags and bikepacking, holders, anti-theft.. We have also thought about your longest and most engaging experiences, your stops to rest and rewind along the way you have always dreamed of travelling. We will be together in all your pedal fantasy, we will equip you properly for every enterprise. We will protect you along the journey, we will be next to you at any time until you are sleeping!

Put a random finger on the map and we will equip you properly, in the smallest detail, to get together safely and in full comfort!

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