Everything that is good for our health should be taught to children. How would the world be if everyone had learned from the earliest age to lead a lifestyle based on sports, outdoor activity, adventure?
Cyclist makes himself a spokesman for this principle and in his shop offers you a wide range of bicycles, technical clothing, protections and accessories so that your children can dive into the extraordinary world of bicycle and, riding their wonderful districts, start with the pedal right to become the wonderful adults of tomorrow!

Give your puppies the great pleasure and the immense opportunity to experience the world of cycling! It will be the best gift you can give him!

All the necessary sizes, to meet every need and every age group, with bicycles that have nothing to envy to their “great sisters”, and still the necessary protections to keep your puppies always safe, as in your arms.
Trust us, children who become great, we have already seen a lot of them, and we know what we are talking about. And then it's very easy for them, like cycling!

Cyclista's Kids line is what you need to do with your little big champions, riding and out.

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