Tires and inner tubes


Enduro, Cross, All Mountain, Downhill? What do you say? All together, everything, as long as it's nature? Cyclist has the solution for you and the wheels of your destrier! You will find the covers for your bolide and for all the surface and path conditions you love to face. Tubeless Ready, Tubeless TNT, Rigid, Foldable, without or with air chamber, in short, the right solution depending on how the wheels turn! Covers of 26, 27,5 and 29 inches, tiled in a thousand ways, one more innovative and original than the other, and still the air chambers perfect for the needs of your route, from standard to auto-fix, able to shelter itself in case of damage.

And still rubber inserts, tubeless conversion kits, repair kits and very good repair systems.

Put the right irons to your winged dexter and take off on each track with us!

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