What do you say, would you like to take a whole set of 18/10 stainless steel pots behind your backpack? No, don't worry Cyclist and not Mastrota! However, the set makes it available to you the same, and it is not of steel but of ultra innovative materials and so light and practical that traveling together with them will not cost you any effort!

Ultra-light pots, bowls, bowls, glasses and stuffed cups, which will magically turn into thin disks, which in the eyes of your travel companions will look like small and graceful (and light) frisbee, so much that they will wonder where you hid the border collie!

And still pots and kettles, and you will eat as at home even if you are 30 km from the first trace of civilization, perhaps offering your travel companions a warm and tasty té manco you were an English lord in his country estate.

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