Disk brakes


Let us recognize it, yes, mountain bike is emotion, and the emotion is when you go fast even where you could not, and the beauty of this universe is that, just like the true universe, it is constantly expanding, and there are always new surfaces, new conditions of adherence, new slopes uphill and downhill, new environmental factors to conquer.

All this obviously results in dinanism, agility, power, adherence, versatility. 

Everything cool, however, even in the most futuristic biker and for the most hurried biker of the universe, when it is time to brake there is no excuse: in a world in perennial evolution, a beautiful braking, of what saves goats and cabbages, is definitely an indispensable constant, and that's why Cyclista takes us so much to provide you with a wide range of brake kits and intelligent solutions to allow you to stop your bolide when, as and where you will want.

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