If you are different from the mass, if you love contamination, asphalt as well as the gravel and pavé of the historical center, if you love to join today’s technique in the style of a time, if you want a bike ready really a little to everything, like you, and like the bicycles of the heroes of the vintage cycling. If you don't have a predefined musical genre but love all the good music, if you pair a casual head to a wanted one, if you bring the sneakers under a suit, if you are comfortable with the technology but you can't do without the pleasure of browsing a good book, then the Gravel world is what it does for you.
Everything you need to track your 100% original route, be cool and performing at the same time, live the pavé citizen as an adventure and traits in dirt as a pleasant and relaxing promenade. The Gravel universe is perfect for everyday activities, Sunday trips as well as for cyclists.

Our shop will guide you through the Gravel range, a range of bikes, spare parts, components and accessories to customize your bike tailored to your needs, your personality, your estro.

Find your ideal size, make a difference with us!

Components, spare parts, accessories, and of course the best brands, selected by our twenty-year team, for the most resistant and versatile gravel, all to reflect your vision, to indulge your spirit, to satisfy your aesthetic taste, with a proposal that lends itself to your personalization, to your need to make your way, always and anyway.
We at Cyclista, with our proposals, will provide you with the need to get rid of and shape your vision.

From voice to your originality, express your uniqueness, saddle up your Gravel, and track your new path!

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