Forget about the history of power that is nothing without control, it is a concept that is now surpassed, especially in worlds like that of competitions: a tire must not only guarantee you the right control, the necessary feedback in terms of safety, certainly always so important for your experience, your training, your races, but also has the important task of poisoning and exploiting at the most every pedal, every gesture of yours, every minimal effort that you impose on the pedal, capitalizing to the maximum your fatigue, physical and mental.

The right cover will not only be the reliable ally of your safety, but will become the amplifier and the maximator of your race!

Cyclist will put you not the tyres on your bike, but the wings! Discover the Covers section and choose to turn your bike into a living creature, able to feel both the way and your personality in the saddle, and get the maximum benefit in terms of performance and safety!

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