Disk brakes


Ah, your road bike, from race, from chrono! A thousand and more ultra-studied innovations to make you more fluid, sharp, light, to optimize all your energy, to maximize all your potential. All very cool, though.. But braking who ever thinks about it?

He wants to start flying, to sprint in a burning way, to demonstrate a whole new dynamism in the traits where he first ended up snare.

Speed, agility, lightness, sprint, aerodynamics, strength, however.. Who cares? From today on Cyclist, with its last generation braking systems, and it is a world that is updated at the same speed (if not even faster) of the world of the same bikes on which they will be installed, to ensure the more responsive braking but at the same time more modulable, because we know well that your brakes not only have to put less time and space on it, but must be co-protagonists of your ride, useful tools to serve all your racing strategy.

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