Repair tool tubeless dart

The Dart is equipped with a toothed plastic tip that can be inserted easily and safely and adapts optimally to the shape and size of different punctures.


The Dart is a repair tool for cutting and drilling tubeless tires, designed and manufactured by the famous American brand Stan’s No Tubes. This repair tool differs from all other conventional tools on the market. To get to its realization in fact, it took almost twenty years of study and several years of experience with professional athletes. The conventional repair tools present on the market are often not suitable for effective repair. Their oversized dimensions and raw materials are likely to cause an expansion of drilling.

The Dart, on the contrary, is equipped with a dense plastic tip that can fit easily and safely inside the drill anchoring to it firmly without risking expanding it. Moreover, Dart's material is more flexible and foldable than conventional instruments. This feature allows it to adapt optimally to the shape and size of the different holes. The real innovation of Dart, however, is its secret blend. It is in fact filled with a special compound able to create a spontaneous reaction of cross-connection with the sealant to repair fast and reliably punctures and cuts also of large size.

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