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GND Open-Fit Carbon FX saddle

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The GND Open-Fit Carbon FX saddle has been developed for Off-Road use. The characteristics and design make it particularly suitable for all-terrain cycling.




The saddle Selle San Marco GND Open-Fit Carbon FX Narrow was developed specifically for Off-Road use. The design and ergonomics of the GND have been designed to achieve the perfect combination of exhaust and support areas. The front is wider and softer than the other saddles of the collection, resulting in greater comfort even in aggressive positions (e.g. uphill). The design, ergonomics and width of the back of the saddle provide a perfect support for the cyclist. The features and design make the GND saddle particularly suitable for all-terrain cycling.
The saddle has an open body in its structure to allow the discharge of pressure. Filling characterized by a double density to optimize support areas (front and rear) The GND model, given the excellent support to the cyclist during the pedaling, is also suitable for the E-Bike world. GND was also covered with a dual material: the resistant "microfeel" for the support areas and two "woven" areas to ensure maximum resistance to abrasion and scratch in the side areas of the saddle itself.


- Binaries: Carbon
- Body: Carbon fiber reinforced
- Filling: Biofoam
- Coating: Microfeel
- Size: 262 x 135 mm
- Weight: 155 g
- Level: Carbon FX

- Biofoam: Biodynamic structure that follows the movements of the pelvis during pedaling, ensures comfort, reduced weight, durability and ideal support. The surface guarantees the total repellency of the water filling.
- Carbon fiber reinforced: Nylon with high properties, enriched with a high percentage of long carbon fibers, to enhance its rigidity and durability without affecting weight.
- Microfeel: Breathable coating from exceptional abrasion resistance Less deformable than traditional and lighter materials. Biocompatible. Available today in some models with the new silk effect finish, Silk Microfeel.
- Dinamyc Node Action: Cross knot that allows to further harden and lighten the frame, avoiding twists and maintaining an excellent level of comfort. Carbon frames are the longest in the market to allow one of the most precise adjustments in the saddle movement forward and backward. This material is used in Superlight and Carbon FX saddles. Carbon frames have a section of 9,8 x 7 mm that allows to increase the degree of resistance and to make them extremely light. An adapter is required for some braces.

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