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Ridley Grifn Rival Etap AXS Inspired

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Discover the Grifn: the fast allroad bike capable of tackling all kinds of surfaces: from smooth asphalt to gravel roads.




Do you drive on the road or on gravel? Don't feel like choosing? Then an allroad bike is for you! Our allroad bikes have extra wheel space to use larger tyres and are fast and comfortable. From road to off-road to explore and create new memories. Allroad, road plus, gravel light... Call it what you like, the Grifn will answer you.

Discover the Grifn: the fast allroad bike capable of tackling all kinds of surfaces: from smooth asphalt to gravel roads. This bike has been carefully designed for cyclists looking for a bike that suits every occasion.

The Grifn is made for the longest and most demanding rides, for making good memories and discovering new routes. It is made for giving it your all. To create the Grifn, Ridley combined the speed of a thoroughbred road bike with the comfort of a gravel bike.

With a 990 gram frame (unpainted, in the medium size), the Grifn is a fast and comfortable road bike that is also ready for off-road with its 38 mm maximum wheel space. There is also the option of fitting 40 mm tyres if you use a 1x drive train, or adding mudguards and dynamo lights that will allow you to use the Grifn on any occasion: for road or dirt riding, for daily commuting or long-distance cycling.

No longer will the surface limit the cyclist. The Grifn is the perfect companion for cyclists who do not want to choose between road and dirt. Whether you're looking for a gravel bike to explore country roads and enjoy scenic, car-free rides or just want to occasionally leave the tarmac to try something new, the Grifn is the right bike for you. With the Grifn, Ridley breaks the N+1 rule: you'll never need another bike to add to your collection.

The name Grifn refers to the griffin, a mythological animal with the body of a lion and the head and wings of an eagle. This hybrid creature symbolises dominion over two realms: earth and sky. Thanks to its versatility, Ridley's Grifn is also able to rule two realms: the road and the dirt. Riding a Grifn you will rule on asphalt and dirt roads.

Since you can go in any direction with the Grifn, you can configure it as both a road and a gravel bike. It is fully customisable to suit the cyclist's wishes. Thus, the Grifn is perfect for road and gravel riding, everyday commuting and long-distance adventures.

The completely redesigned design results in new shapes and geometry. The geometry of the Grifn is adapted to both road and off-road riding and is designed on the basis of Ridley's KOG philosophy (Kanzo Optimized Geometry). This means that the geometry is tuned to achieve the handling best suited to the type of riding for which it was designed. This is reflected in some key geometry numbers, such as head tube angle and bottom bracket drop.

The result is an allroad bike that is fast and responsive, yet stable and well balanced. The Grifn is a road-oriented gravel bike comfortable enough for long days on rough trails, but aggressive enough to tackle a Gran Fondo. It is the perfect companion for endurance riding.

All its features, its geometry and the possibility of using both a 1x and 2x drivetrain make the Grifn an extremely versatile bike that offers endless possibilities. In essence, Ridley is breaking the N+1 rule: you'll never need another bike to add to your collection.



Frame: Grifn, F-Steerer headtube, TA12x142mm, integrated dynamo routing

Fork: 4ZA AllRoad, TA12x100, integrated dynamo routing, Fender mounts, Full Carbon

Brake type: Flat Mount

Groupset: SRAM Rival AXS Road (48/35) - 2x12

Crankset: SRAM Rival AXS - 48/35

Crank length: 172.5mm

Groupset: 10-36T 12sp

Wheels: Forza Norte Gravel

Tyres: Vittoria Corsa N.Ext 32mm 700x32 - 32-622 Max Pressure 95PSI - 6.5 BAR

Seatpost: Gravel -Integrated Cirrus Pro Kit Handlebar width

Saddle: Selle Italia SLR


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