Look - Keo Grip pockets
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Look - Keo Grip pockets

Look - Keo Grip pockets

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Pockets that require a rotational movement of the foot to allow the release to the outside or the inside. This function improves the safety of the cyclist; no body or bearing prevents the release into the interior.

  • BLACK LOO-3-611720
  • RED LOO-3-611720
  • GREY LOO-3-611720



With its wide support surface of 500 mm2 and the body made of composite material, this pedal provides all access to cutting-edge technology that allows full power transfer. The voltage is adjusted from 8 to 12 with a disconcerting simplicity.


Only 130 grams in hand, barely perceptible under the feet
Wide stainless steel contact area for excellent stability during pedaling


Composition of the axis: Chromoly +
Technologies: Spring
Body composition: Composite
Support area: Stainless steel
Support area: 500 mm
Platform Width: Stainless steel
Total support height (pedal + pockets): 17.3 mm (11 + 6.3 mm)
Q Factor: 53 mm
Voltage: 8 to 12
Pockets: KEO grip
Pedals: 130 g
Pedal pole + heels: 328 g

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