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Mondraker Chaser

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The Chaser is the best choice for riders who want to make their debut in the world of electric bikes with all the guarantees.

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CHASER is the best choice for riders who want to debut in the world of electric bikes with all the guarantees.
The Bosch Performance Line CX Smart System engine, with the new Mini Remote wireless remote control, the System Controller and the Intuvia 100 display, allows you to use a natural pedal with all the possibilities thanks to its 4 assistance modes.
Its performance is infinite thanks to the fork RockShox 35 Silver TK and the Deluxe Select R shock absorber of the same brand; SRAM SX Eagle 12 speed transmission; wheels Formula with covers Maxxis 2.9" thick Rekon; SRAM DB8 brakes and ONOFF components.



ZERO is the patented suspension system of Mondraker more efficient, performing and super capable. ZERO is designed, set and optimized individually for the best pedal efficiency and the greater success capacity on each model Mondraker full suspension in the whole range, from small Factor 24 or F-Play 24 models to winning downhill bikes of the World Cup and World Championships such as Summum Alloy and Summum Carbon.

ZERO is a virtual hub suspension system with an exclusive double link design. The most unique and exclusive feature of ZERO is that the shock absorber floats between the two suspension connections and is compressed by both ends. This makes the rear suspension extremely elastic on small asperity and capable of great successes, really the most recognizable and surprising feature of every bicycle Mondraker full suspension.

The main advantages of ZERO's superior technology are ZERO power loss - a completely stable ride while pedaling -, ZERO kickback with minimal chain elongation during suspension travel, ZERO brake jack i.e. isolated braking and suspension forces, and this which we call ZERO bumps, its great ability to absorb any type of roughness while keeping the rear wheel attached to the ground.

• ZERO POWER LOSS. High pedaling efficiency. Power applied to the pedals transforms into immediate forward motion without any additional compression or rebound of the rear shock.

• ZERO KICKBACK. Minimal chain elongation during suspension travel makes pedaling as effective and efficient as possible.

• ZERO BRAKE JACK. The forces acting on the rear braking and suspension do not conflict with each other. The rear shock absorber works in a flexible and free way and absorbs the impacts without any stiffening of the suspension caused by the action of the rear brake.

• ZERO BUMPS. The most remarkable feature of the system is its excellent elasticity on rough terrain and a fully stable ride during the pedal.


Forward Geometry is a geometric concept that makes each model Mondraker unique for functionality and performance: one of the best features of our bikes and one of the best attributes that identifies, defines and differentiates every mountain bike Mondraker from the rest of the mountain bikes on the market.

The FORWARD GEOMETRY of Mondraker has proven to be the pioneering geometric benchmark for the most advanced performance bikes, to become one of our most important and unique patented technologies to date. Every year we continue to refine the concept and for 2023 we have implemented slight geometry changes to improve performance even further, increasing riding efficiency and control in the handling of the bikes.

The use of shorter fork offsets has proven to be the perfect match for FORWARD GEOMETRY, improving the overall weight balance of the bike and improving stability and control at high speeds. The increased trail size improves steering stability with a more playful driving behavior, the feeling of being able to attack corners harder with more confidence and greater grip of the front tires as a bonus and a faster and more pleasant ride.

The main driving advantages and key features of FORWARD GEOMETRY are greater safety and confidence when tackling steep descents even at high speed, more responsive, direct and precise handling, greater precision on climbs and greater stability on technical sections and off-road, with better grip and better control.

In 2023 models Mondraker FORWARD GEOMETRY will be equipped with standard FG30 handlebar attacks
FORWARD GEOMETRY has become the standard reference geometry for today's most advanced performance bikes, and for 2023 we will offer the largest collection of FG models to date. Based on a geometry with a longer reach and top tube, the riding position with the FG30 stem is perfectly balanced for every bike category and application. The increased length of the front center increases confidence in handling our bike, allowing us to ride faster and easier and, above all, creating a much more pleasant riding experience.


STEALTH ALLOY encloses all processes in the creation of the frame, from industrial design to the specific production of each of its tubes with the calculation of the most precise details. Each tube and part is carefully designed to perform a specific function, trying to get as little weight as possible. Stealth technology evolves every year with optimized shapes and internal updates to offer the best driving experience in our aluminum frames.

• Advanced industrial design
• Description
• The best lightness/structural rigidity in the category


The smart system takes you to the digital future of eBike. The eBike Flow app, battery, display, control unit, drive unit and ABS Bosch eBike are fully networked in the smart system. Through periodic over-the-air updates, they are continuously updated and improved with new functions. You can control all the functions of the smart system through the eBike Flow app. Whether to go to work or on the trail on weekends, the components, precisely optimized from the technical and aesthetic point of view, allow you to customize your driving experience and bring fun to the next level.

The Performance Line CX is a powerful and dynamic traction system that ensures ease of use and a unique pedal feel. It goes to the limit with you, for even more fun on technically challenging terrain. In the smart system, the drive unit is fully networked with the other components of your eBike. With the eBike Flow app, you can use digital functions such as activity-tracking and eBike Lock and keep the eBike updated even in the future.



Chaser Alloy 6061 Stealth Evo, Zero Suspension system optimized for e-Bike, 150 mm hike, Forward Geometry, removable inner battery, Boost 12x148 mm rear pin, conical steering tube, monobloc upper connection, HHG internal cable passage, sealed MAX capacity bearings, 17 mm oversized pins, integrated speed sensor in dropout, exclusive motor winches

S: 380 mm / M: 420 mm / L: 450 mm / XL: 490 mm

Shock absorber
RockShox Deluxe Select R Debonair, 205x65 mm. Settings: low speed extension, preload air. Top fitting Trunnion, bottom bushing 25x10 mm

RockShox 35 Silver TK 29, 160 mm, TurnKey, Solo Air, conical steering tube, Boost 15x110 mm pin, 35 mm external steel tubes, 44 mm offset. Settings: low speed compression adjustment to lock, return, air preload

Onoff Saturn conical for steering tube from 1-1/8" to 1-1/2", sealed bearings ACB, 41x30,2x7x45ox45o upper, 51,9x40x8x45ox45o lower

Handlebar stem
Onoff Sulphur FG 30 mm 0o, forged alloy 6061, barber 31.8 mm

Onoff Sulphur 1.0 alloy 6061 double thickness, increase: 20 mm, width: 800 mm, backsweep angle 9o, upsweep angle 5o, barber 31.8 mm

Onoff Twin, 1lock-on, 135 mm

Onoff Pija, diameter 31.6 mm, size S: 405x95-125 mm, size M: 458x120-150 mm, size L: 498x140-170 mm, size XL: 498x140-170 mm

MDK e-bike black

Front brake
Sram DB8, 4-piston caliper, Centerline 200 mm single-piece brake disc with 6 IS bolts, organic skates with steel back

Rear brake
Sram DB8, 4-piston caliper, Centerline 200 mm single-piece brake disc with 6 IS bolts, organic skates with steel back

Leve Freno
Sram DB8, adjustment of the lever opening without the use of tools

MDK-HP1 29, inner width 30 mm, tubeless ready, 32 rays

Stainless Steel Round NC

Front hub axis
Formula DC711, Boost 15x110 mm, sealed bearings, 6 IS bolts

Rear hub axle
Formula EHL148 Boost 12x148 mm, sealed bearings, 6 IS bolts

Front tyre
Maxxis Rekon 29x2.6, tubeless ready, double mix, protection EXO, 60TPI, folding circle

Rear tyre
Maxxis Rekon 29x2.6, tubeless ready, double mix, protection EXO, 60TPI, folding circle

E-bike Race Face Aeffect, 165 mm

Sram X-Sync 2 Eagle 34T, steel, narrow-largo, 104 BCD

Sram SX Eagle, 12s, Powerlock

Change - Rear
Sram SX Eagle, clutch with roller bearing type 3, cage block, 1x12s, X-Actuation 1:1

Change controls
Sram Trigger SX Eagle, 12s, X-Actuation 1:1, single click

Box Sprockets
Sram PG-1210, 11-50T, 12s ForcellinoMondraker M068

Weight without pedals
25,2 kg

Bosch Kiox 300 / Bosch Led Remote

Bosch Performance Line CX Cruise (25Km/h) Smart System

Bosch Powertube 625Wh





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