Mondraker F-Podium Carrera Blue


New liveries but above all new content for the most dynamic cross country on the market.




ZERO is the patented suspension system Mondraker more efficient, performing and super capable. ZERO is designed, set and optimized individually for the best pedal efficiency and the greater success capacity on each model Mondraker full suspension in the whole range, from small Factor 24 or F-Play 24 models to winning downhill bikes of the World Cup and World Championships such as Summum Alloy and Summum Carbon.

ZERO is a virtual hub suspension system with an exclusive double link design. The most unique and exclusive feature of ZERO is that the shock absorber floats between the two suspension connections and is compressed by both ends. This makes the rear suspension extremely elastic on small asperity and capable of great successes, really the most recognizable and surprising feature of every bicycle Mondraker full suspension.

The main advantages of ZERO's superior technology are ZERO power loss - a fully stable ride during the pedal-, ZERO kickback with a minimal stretch of the chain during the suspension race, ZERO brake jack i.e. isolated braking and suspension forces, and what we denomize ZERO bumps, its great ability to absorb any type of asperity while maintaining the rear wheel adrived to the ground.

• POTENTIAL HEALTH. High pedal efficiency. The power applied to the pedals is transformed into an immediate forward movement without any compression or additional extension of the shock absorber.
• ZERO KICKBACK. Minim elongation of the chain during suspension ride, makes pedaling as effective and efficient as possible.
• ZERO BRAKE JACK. The forces acting on the rear braking and suspension do not conflict with each other. The rear shock absorber works in a flexible and free way and absorbs the impacts without any stiffening of the suspension caused by the action of the rear brake.
• ZERO BUMPS. The most remarkable feature of the system is its excellent elasticity on rough terrain and a fully stable ride during the pedal.

• ZERO Is the ESCLUSIVO and patented suspension system Mondraker.
• ZERO It is OTTIMIZED FOR CATEGORIA OGNI and suspension race, providing the best absorption and pedal efficiency.
• ZERO SI DISTINGUE TO OFFRIRE THE BEST COMPLESSIVE PRESTATIONS and to be stable under the pedal and the most active, sensitive and elastic on rough terrain than any other suspension system on the market.

Global evolution on the entire collection of full suspension models Mondraker e-MTB that have as common feature the optimization of the ZERO suspension system specifically designed for this category. The same attributes of the ZERO system that we apply to the rest of our full suspension models can also be applied to the entire range of electric mountain bikes, with three distinctive and exclusive traits of the new ZERO cinematic optimized for e-Bike.
Minim elongation of the chain thanks to the action of the rear suspension, a cinematic optimization that keeps the trajectory of the virtual hub more stable and a much more progressive rear suspension action. These three optimizations result in a significant increase in initial elasticity and a more fully capable suspension system that in turn leads to a more controlled and stable guide. Our new ZERO suspension system optimized for e-Bike is more solid in the ascent and ensures a perfect use of the entire suspension stroke in the descents to prevent the bottom out. This new generation cinematic is present in all e-Bike full suspension models Mondraker and represents an important leap of performance evolution and a new experience of extraordinary fun on every new e-MTB Mondraker.


To innovate you have to think differently. To innovate you have to leave behind preconceived ideas and look to the future in search of a new approach. We did it Mondraker with the FORWARD GEOMETRY. That's what we're still doing 10 years later.

If you want to be a better rider, it is not worth it only with the best bike or with the most intense and technical training. The geometry of a mountain bike is the basis to get the most out of it. In Mondraker we have not stopped innovating technologically to become your best version. If you want to keep improving, go to FORWARD.

The main advantages and keys of FORWARD GEOMETRY are greater safety and confidence in facing high speed descents, a more responsive, direct and precise handling, greater uphill precision and greater stability in technical traits and uneven terrain, with better grip and better control.

Longer steering and reach tubes, longer front center,
shorter handlebar attachment, longer step and shorter fork advances, are technical and design topics in all our bikes that make the FORWARD GEOMETRY geometry perfect for everyone to improve our cycling experience. Regardless of the level or model Mondraker.


- Increased safety on steep terrain: The front center is longer - the axis of the front wheel is later than a traditional standard geometry - improving stability and preventing us from being thrown over the handlebar on steep and technical terrain, with increased implied safety and greater confidence thanks to the steepest perceived steering angle.
- Higher speed safety: The longer clutter increases the stability of the bike on any terrain.
- More direct and responsive steering: The combination with our exclusive FG30 handlebar attachment improves steering accuracy by making our bike more responsive.
- More precision in the climbs: The longer front wheel keeps the front wheel close to the ground to avoid unexpected surges, and allows us to climb more easily on steep hills.
- Increased stability in technical and difficult areas: FG establishes a new balance of weight between the front and the rear wheel, offering greater stability on technical and rugged terrain, with a higher grip in the curve and better control.


STEALTH CARBON is the most advanced carbon fiber development and optimization technology in the range Mondraker. This technology in constant development brings all the experience gained in the creation of aluminum frames at the top of the carbon fiber range to meet the same requirements of innovation, highest quality, minimum weight and resistance. The positioning of carbon fiber layers is a crucial technique with specific positioning and direction of the different quality fibers for each type and model of bike. The result is a frame with the best ratio of structural strength / stiffness / background noise absorption / lightness, outstanding reliability and a 100% look Mondraker very attractive and unique.

• Look particular.
• Leading carbon production process.
• Improved structural stiffness / absorption of path buzz / lightness ratio.

It is the process of carbon fiber production, more refined and lighter than Mondraker
STEALTH AIR CARBON is the most refined and lighter carbon fiber production process Mondraker. The positioning of each carbon fiber foil takes place specifically and accurately for each frame area with a specific and defined purpose that makes the carbon fiber frame more elegant, evolved and advanced than the range Mondraker. The result is a STEALTH AIR CARBON chassis with state-of-the-art industrial design, aerodynamic profile and best structural/light resistance/rigidity ratio.
The soil irregularities are sometimes neglected and this could turn into a critical situation especially for a high quality carbon fiber frameset. STEALTH AIR CARBON is present on all our new Summum Carbon, SuperFoxy Carbon, Foxy Carbon and Raze models of 2022 and our cross country reference models such as F-Podium Carbon, F-Podium Carbon DC and Podium Carbon. Especially on such a lightweight record model as the Podium Carbon hardtail, our FlatStays design solves this traditional problem by filtering all those extra driving vibrations without the need for a separate back sheath + an elastomer solution for unparalleled driving comfort on a hardtail with a carbon fiber frame.

• Industrial design in elegant and cutting-edge carbon fiber.
• The STEALTH CARBON production is more refined and light.
• Maximum yieldability, absorption of path buzz and rigidity/weight ratio.



F-Podium 29 Stealth Air Full Carbon, Zero Suspension System optimized XCO, 110 mm, Forward Geometry XC, top carbon monobloc link, BSA central movement, conical steering tube, HHG internal cable system, dedicated transmission design 1x, Boost rear pin 12x148mm, cushioned fender, rear brake attachment Post Mount.

S: 410 mm / M: 440 mm / L: 470 mm / XL: 500 mm

Shock absorber
Rockshock SID Luxe 3P Remote in Pull DebonAir, 165x45 mm. Settings: Remote control at 3 locations, low speed extension, air preload. Top Attack Trunnion, lower bushings 30x8 mm

Adjustment shock absorber
Light compression, medium return, Lockout 430, 1 Token

Rockshock SID Base 3P Remote 29, 120 mm, Debonair, conical steering tube, Boost axis 15x110 mm, external tubes 35 mm aluminum conical steering, 44 mm offset. Settings: remote control at 3 locations, low speed extension, air preload

Fork remote control
RockShox TwistLoc Ultimate FullSprint 125 B1 3 positions (7 mm + 7 mm), Rotate to lock, Rotate to unlock

Custom acros for steering tube 1-1/2", angular contact bearings 40x52x7, internal cable passage

Handlebar connection
MDK, alloy 6061 T6, barber 31.8 mm, rise: +/-5o, length: size S: 50 mm, size M: 50 mm, size L: 60 mm, size XL: 70 mm

ONOFF Sulphur 0.2, alloy 6061 double thickness, rise: 4.8 mm, width: 760 mm, backsweep angle 9o, upsweep angle 0o, barber 31.8 mm

Rock Shox Twistloc knobs

ONOFF Sulphur 0-R alloy 6061 T6, forged 3D, diameter 31,6 mm, length 400 mm

Fizik Wind Argo X5

Front brake
SRAM Level T, 2-piece clamp, Centerline 180 mm single-piece brake disc with 6 IS bolts, organic skates with steel support

Rear brake
SRAM Level T, 2-piece caliper, Centerline 160 mm single-piece brake disc with 6 IS bolts, organic skates with steel support

Leve Freno
SRAM Level T, Direct Link drive, reach adjustment with tools, lever rotation bushings

Mavic CrossMax 29, inner width 25 mm, welded circle, hookless, tubeless ready, 24 rays

Mavic Straight Pull double thickness, contactless packaging (lacing)

Front hub axis
Mavic, Boost 15x110 mm, 6 bolts IS

Rear hub axis
Mavic, Boost 12x148 mm, ID360 ratchet system, 6 IS bolts, HG free hub

Front tyre
Maxxis Rekon Race 29x2.35, protection EXO, tubeless ready, 120TPI, folding heel

Rear tyre
Maxxis Rekon Race 29x2.35, protection EXO, tubeless ready, 120TPI, folding heel

SRAM NX Eagle, 12Ss, Boost, DUB axis, direct mounting crown, size S: 170 mm size M: 175 mm size L: 175 mm size XL: 175 mm, CL 55

34T, steel, X-Sync 2

Central movement
SRAM DUB BSA, sealed bearings, 73 mm

SRAM SX Eagle, 12s, Powerlock

Change - Rear
SRAM GX Eagle, Roller Bearing Clutch type 3 technology, cage block, 1x12s, X-Actuation 1:1

Change controls
SRAM SX Eagle, 12s, X-Actuation 1:1

Box Sprockets
SRAM PG-1230, 11-50T, 12s


Weight without pedals
12,2 kg





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